Policies and Rules

Aims and Objectives:

·       ● To develop the mindset of students to read creative books outside of academic studies.

·       ● To introduce students with mainstream literary works from home and abroad.

·       ● To develop creative thinking among the students through book reading habit.

·       ● To encourage students to read books by organizing a number of competitions.

·       ● To provide reviews of various books on world literature to teachers and students on demand.


·      ● Users have to enter the library leaving all personal belonging including books, bags and food. However, entering with a notebook and pen is approved.

·      ● In order to maintain the reading environment, it is advised to maintain as much silence as possible or speak in a low voice in case of emergency.

·      ● Teachers can take classes in the library by maintaining the library discipline.

·      ● Students will sit in the designated place (except the seats reserved for teachers).

·      ● Students in detention will sit in a certain place and do the work given by the teacher.

·      ● Tuition and private teaching are not allowed in the library.

·      ● Dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference books are not for issue.

·      ● Students are not allowed to enter the library without the permission of the teacher during the class time.

·      ● Each shelf has books on different subjects and the names and shelf numbers of specific subjects are given on the shelf.

·      For any complain or suggestion on library, the Senior Librarian or Assistant Librarian should be informed.